The Mexican Whisky Association announces that it will support Electronic Liquors

The Mexican Whisky Association announced today that it will endorse Electronic Liquors to help reduce alcoholism in Mexico and around the world

We are here to help reduce alcohol-related harm by helping people to make better choices about their drinking, we believe that Electronic Liquor may become a tool to end alcoholism.

This Innovation could simply revolutionize the way we drink. Electronic Liquor in contact with the tongue sends stimuli to the brain, the illusion operates, and the mucous membranes of smell and taste saturate and make the consumer believe that he is drinking alcohol.

But beware, no drunkenness, no adverse effect, this is the advantage of Electronic Liquor. It reproduces the taste of the liquor but not the negative effects of alcohol.

The Mexican Whisky Association is committed by helping the Mexican Whisky Industry grow their businesses and strongly believes that endorsing Electronic Liquor will help the community by reducing the negative effect of alcoholism and at the same time promoting the Mexican Whisky Industry.

With this endorsement the Mexican Whisky Industry will reach a higher level of responsibility and recognition.



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